The Bad Trip front

This sprocket was designed for those who values BMX foremost for an ability to express themselves. This item is unique for both the industry and the BROTHERHOOD brand. Creating this sprocket we decided to break all of the rules and go beyond our typical method of developing the new products. Armed with the manifesto “it does not take much talent to create something beautiful and balanced” we’ve started to work on item which would choke, cause perplexity but will still refer to the highest standards which BROTHERHOOD requires of their new products.
In order to remain ourselves, we took the genes of our well-known sprockets and crossbred it to attain a mutant. Yes, this is the genetically modified sprocket! And this is the world first deconstructivism style BMX sprocket. At the same time a BMX part and an art object. Your bicycle will not be confused with one another.





Caveat Emptor



Ø 15/16″ = 23,8mm

made somewhere。

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