M-Line Brotherhood BMX light guard sprocket ll

This sprocket caused a lot of commotion and conflicting emotions. However, it was predictable and it always happens to any innovative product.
Why did we create the M-Line?
We proceeded from our own experience of the ordinary guarded sprockets production. Over the past 5 years, we have carefully watched our riders and kept in touch with the customers to collect the information on how our products perform. Worth saying that the sprocket damage is a quite common thing in the industry. You gotta be aware that BMX is an extreme sport with the extreme component loads. However, during these last 5 years we haven’t dealt with any G804 failure. And we are still amazed, no less than you! Having carefully studied the used sprockets we’ve come to the conclusion that the guard has an excessive strength and mainly wears out in the particular areas.
So we decided to create a completely new kind of sprocket which is not going to be based on prejudices and manufacturer’s habits to add material where it is not needed. As a result we’ve got the sprocket that many people consider as the most beautiful in the industry. However, you should not think it was designed concentrating on just to create something beautiful. This is a really hard riding style one. Yes, it’s not as phenomenally strong as G804 or G-Line Paradox, but still quite reliable for the most riders, also it weighs about 30% less than an average guarded sprocket.





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